Welcome to STRONGER than DIPG
Welcome to STRONGER than DIPG

The Foundation

Gabriella's Smile Foundation was CREATED on March 30, 2016 in honor of our beautiful six-year-old daughter Gabriella Elise, who so courageously and bravely fought DIPG, an inoperable brain stem tumor, for almost eight months. She smiled every single day and never once complained about having a brain tumor. 


The incredible support from our family, local community, church, and other DIPG families and foundations, helped us through the difficult journey that began on March 17, 2015, and ended too soon on November 7, 2015. It was this support that inspired our family to establish a foundation to help other families affected by DIPG in the United States and families of children pediatric brain cancer here in San Antonio, Texas. It is often said that no one fights cancer alone and we believe that families are stronger together. We believe it is this support that helps make us and other families STRONGER than DIPG.


The foundation was established through CharitySmith, as a division and separate fund under our administration, which allows us to receive all the benefits of a Nonprofit Foundation with 501(c)(3) in accordance to federal tax law. Donations made to our foundation fund will be tax deductible. 


Our MISSION is to provide direct financial assistance to families of children diagnosed with DIPG, create DIPG awareness, fund research through foundations dedicated to DIPG research and also provide support to pediatric brain cancer patients in San Antonio, Texas.
Through the foundation, our PURPOSE is to provide grants to families of children diagnosed with DIPG in the United States, promote and increase awareness of DIPG in our community and help fund DIPG research by partnering with other foundations that are dedicated to finding a cure for DIPG. We will also provide grants to families of children diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer getting treatment in San Antonio, Texas.
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