Who we have helped

These are the families that we have helped since we launched our financial grant program in August of 2016. We have awarded over $23,000 to 42 families.  Most of these families have facebook pages. (Links are available by clicking on the child's picture).

While sadly, several of these precious children are *no longer here with their families, they are not forgotten. Many of these families continue fighting in many ways to make a difference and honor the legacy of their child. Please visit their pages to learn more of their story. Their story will never end because a parent's job is to never give up. The fight continues. #strongerthandipg

We do not have pictures of all of the children we have helped but we do have their names and want to honor them.

Not pictured here are:

Audrina Rodriguez- September 2016 Grant

Monica Rubio- December 2017 Grant #2

Arianna Martinez Rocha- August 2018

Kevin Villasenor- December 2018 Grant #2

Juvell Harris- December 2018 Grant #3


Families helped across the country

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