One of the first things most parents do when hearing the news that your child has cancer, is start looking for some help and resources. We believe that support from the DIPG community groups and foundations were key in helping our family remain focused and strong. This is why we feel that Gabriella was #STRONGERthandipg and so are we. Though we are not affiliated with these organizations, we hope that you find them helpful and supportive as we did. 


Keep in mind that many organizations will require an application or have certain criteria to qualify.  This is a great time to ask for someone you know well to help with the task of finding organizations that can provide support or financial assistance.  


Foundations and websites that offer information, support and assistance.


Clayton Dabney Foundation- Wishes, Gifts, Special Events, Family Travel, Financial Assistance with household expenses

Reflections of Grace- Financial Assistance Twice During 12 month period

Max Cure Foundation- Advocacy, Research, Financial Assistance

Marc Jr's Foundation- Financial Assistance

Ethen Richardson Foundation - Financial Assistance

N8 Foundation- Research, Financial Assistance for California Families

The Friends4Michael Foundation- Financial Assistance

Smiles for Sophie Forever- Financial Assistance twice during 12 month period

Pennies from Heaven, Caleb's Foundation- rent or mortgage payments, electric or medical bills, groceries, transportation and more

Keris Kares- providing spiritual, emotional, and financial support through the Butterfly Fund at certain medical facilities. See link.

Cory's Crusaders- Research, Financial Assistance

Hogs For the Cause- Financial Assistance

4AydenStrong Foundation- Financial Assistance and support

Aiden's Avengers- Financial Assistance and support (in Pensylvania area)

ForeverLoganStrong- Financial Assistance and support (in NJ area) 

Jessie Rees Foundation NEGU- Joy Jars, Resource Guide

Monkey in My Chair- Monkey Kit for child (takes place of child when they are not in school)

Cure Starts Now- Research, Support, Awareness

Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation- Research, Tribute Funds for Child

Get Well Gabby Foundation- Hope Portal offers families a robust list of organizations around the country that may be able to provide assistance to children with cancer and their families.  

Kisses for Kyle- Financial assistance, Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, Gas Cards. 

Brooke Healey Foundation- Offers awards, scholarships and donates money to families in need.  

Jessica June Children's Cancer Foundation- Financial Assistance for Families (Florida area hospitals) 

Team Daniella's Childhood Cancer Foundation- Financial Assistance for Families 

Live Like Bella- Financial Support, Assist families with medical co-pays, basic needs such as: gas, food and utilities, Memorial Support and Research. 

Michael Napoleone Memorial Foundation- Assistance for families (email for information) 

Frances Foundation-(NJ) The Foundation strives to alleviate a child’s pain and suffering with a special gift, a special gesture, or even a few special moments. The Foundation also provides financial assistance to impoverished families desperately needing help due to their child’s fight again cancer.

Mya Lin Terry Foundation- Grants: The Mya Lin Terry Foundation is pleased to accept applications for monetary grants from pediatric cancer patients living in New Jersey.  

Heroes for Children- (Texas)- Families receive direct and immediate financial assistance for everyday expenses. Case workers refer qualified applicants to our organization and checks are typically processed within seven days.  An average of $750 per request is donated directly to families.

Hayes Tough Foundation- (Texas) Hayes Tough focuses on families and children fighting childhood cancer throughout the United States.

Tyler Robinson Foundation- Our grants assist families who are faced with pediatric cancer (18 or younger) and are struggling to make ends meet. TRF REQUESTS GRANT APPLICATIONS FROM OUR PARTNER HOSPITALS. (CURRENTLY THE TRF DOES NOT ACCEPT UNSOLICITED REQUESTS.)

Julianna Sayler FoundationA Family Assistance Grant is a $500.00 USD financial assistance grant given to a family with a child diagnosed with DIPG brain cancer. This grant can be used for purposes that benefit the child including, but not limited to, travel expenses for treatment, medical expenses, lodging, airfare, food, gas, etc.

Making DIPG History in Monterrey- If your child has DIPG and is receiving treatment, you may request financial assistance.


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